XR-Fitting Room

This project was made by Random Studio. The project aimed at creating the fitting experience of the future. The installation is using tracking technology to create a XR experience where there is an illusion of you being in the world projected on the surfaces surrounding the costumer. Imagine that customers can literally step into a creative vision surrounding a collection. Immersing them in a virtual landscape that responds in real-time to their presence, the platform offers a new, adaptable format for unique encounters with products.

In this project I worked as an intern helping out with building the installation as well as creating the mapping and lighting for the installation. The mapping and lightning was done in Disguise software were the show was designed and timed for the video shoot of the project. I helped out designing the lights both placement and the colors that was design to match the content of the screens creating an illusion that the model trying out clothes was in the environment projected on the screens behind them.